Our vineyards

In the Toro region we have old vineyards of extraordinary quality. We also keep the tradition of not getting too involved in the vineyards.

The commitment of Villachica is to winegrowers and the land. We work hand in hand with nine local winegrowers and we look after 60 hectares of vineyard of between 15 to 90 years of age approximately. All the vineyards are planted in goblet trained.

Raising areas

All our wine comes from vineyards situated in four boundaries of the region:

  • Single vineyards La Castilla, Bardales, Matalobas, Lebratinos and Vallenogal in the boundary of Toro.
  • Single vineyards Teso de la Monja in Villabuena del Puente.
  • Single vineyards of Teso de la Cruz and Valdebuey in the boundary of Valdefinjas.
  • Single vineyards of La Pedrera in the boundary of Morales de Toro.


The vineyards are between 690-720 meters high where two types of soils prevail. One has superficial sand layers which allows a good drainage system, and with other deeper layers rich in clay, which makes the water retention easier and so the vegetation of the plant. The layers of the other type of soil are rockier, with “cascajos”, river stones, and deep layers of clay.

The way the vineyards are treated is based on a minimum intervention. The grapevines are very well adapted to the land. The outputs as well as the productions per hectares are rather stable, between 2,000 and 5,500 kg/ha.