Bodega Villachica


Villachica is located opposite the river Duero, in the municipality of Toro, Zamora province, center of the Certificate of Origin Toro.

The name of our brand Villachica comes from meadows of Villachica, the spot where the bodega is situated, also called Pago de san Andrés (single vineyard of san Andrés). The name refers to Luis Villachica, the first owner, who bought it during the expropriation of Mendizábal in the XIX century.

Although we elaborate wine and we arrived in Toro many years after the historical events that gave birth to our wine brand, we wanted to keep to origin of the place name.

Villachica origin

What is now a bodega surrounded by vineyards in front of the Duero river, was time ago a big property which belonged to Victoriana de Villachica, extramarital Luis’ daughter, an upper-class person of that time and heir of the Marquisate of Villachica. She had a palace built in the property, and although it doesn’t exist anymore, she used to spend long periods there during the year. After she passed away, and as she hadn’t had children, the estate was given to Zamora Diocese, and the palace became the bishop’s summer residence for a long time.

The propriety was on sale in 1980. The diocese decided to put on sale and it was bought by Angel San Miguel de Pablos with the idea of transforming it into a bodega. Ten years later he managed to elaborate his first wine. That is how the very beginning of the new century started with Villachica, the first vintage year for the bodega. This was a turn in the history Pago de San Andrés.


We pick by hand, in boxes of 18 kilos, and only Tinta de Toro native grapes in order for them to get to the bodega in the best possible conditions. In addition, and by means of selection on a table, we control the sanitary and maturity of the grape throwing away the bunches that don’t meet our minimum quality standards.

The methods of elaboration are respectful to the grape as well as its origin with the minimum intervention in the bodega. We separate the different plots in stainless steel stores which we subsequently elaborate to distinguish the character that marks the type of soils and the ages of vineyard. We always keep this philosophy in mind during the process of vintage in barrel. We work with French, Central European, American and Spanish oak. We combine them in order to refine and look for the maximum expression of our wine.

Our wines

We elaborate our different kinds of wine with the variety Tinta de Toro (DO Toro) and the white Verdejo (DO Rueda)


  • Joven
  • Roble
  • Crianza
  • Vintage Old Vineyards

Línea T

  • 3T
  • 4T
  • 5T

Villachica Verdejo

Bodega Villachica - Vino DO Toro - Villachica Joven

Villachica Joven

Bodega Villachica - Vino DO Toro - Villachica Roble

Villachica Roble

Bodega Villachica - Vino DO Toro - Villachica Crianza

Villachica Crianza

Bodega Villachica - Vino DO Toro - Villachica Vintage

Villachica Vintage

Bodega Villachica - Vino DO Toro - 3T


Bodega Villachica - Vino DO Toro - 4T


Bodega Villachica - Vino DO Toro - 5T


Bodega Villachica - Vino DO Rueda - Villachica Verdejo

Villachica 100% Verdejo